Special Guests Welcomed at Consulate Office

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Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon, and his wife, Laxmi Yonzon, were delighted to welcome spiritual Guru and astrologer, Bhimsen Sapkota, senior renowned journalist, Prem Baniya, and Nagarik Samuha Nepal President, Nigam Humagain, to the office of the Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria today, 20 February 2018.


In a sit-down discussion, Consul General Yonzon applauded the distinguished guests’ love, respect and vision for the nation. Consul General wished them all the very best, and to maintain their noble work in the nation’s level of spirituality that continues to serve them so well. Consul General welcomed the guests with traditional ‘khada’ as is customary before posing for photographs with the Nepalese and Australian flags.

Consul General Mr Yonzon, had the pleasure of attending the interactive session as well,entitled ‘ राष्ट्र राष्ट्रियता र सकारात्मक जीवनको लागि एक महान उत्प्रेणात्मक कार्यक्रम’ (Nation, Nationality and Positive Life) held on Sunday18 February 2018 at Cyprus Community Hall.

This interactive program was organised by विश्व शान्ति तथा अध्यात्म विज्ञान समाज (GSPSS), in association with the असनेपालन्युज (Ausnepal News),नागरिक समुह नेपाल (Civil society Nepal) and सहास मेलबर्न (The Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS), Melbourne)

Chief Guest, Former Chairman of Ministerial Council, Hon. Khila Raj Regmi, accompanied other distinguished motivational speakers including World Peace Council (WPC) member, Bhimsen Sapkota, senior journalist and motivational speaker, Prem Baniya, and Nagarik Samuha President and motivational speaker, Nigam Humagain.

Mr Yonzon performed as a Special Guest in the program, and thanked organisers for bringing them together and for the opportunity to hear the speakers.


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