‘Science against Corruption’ interactive session

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Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon, chaired an interactive session entitled ‘Science against Corruption’ at the Nepal Consulate office on Sunday, 17 December 2017. Formal proceedings commenced at 3:30pm when Basudev Marattha welcomed guests, including Chairperson Consul General Yonzon and Chief Guest, anti-corruption activist, Bharat Mani Jangam. We were also joined by Nepalese peace and democracy activist and adventurer, Pushkar Shah. edit Consul General Yonzon welcomed Bharat Mani Jangam and Pushkar Shah to the Consulate office with a ceremonial khada, before Dr Mahesh Bhandari welcomed Chief and Special Guests and delivered a note of welcome and presentation. Bhandari welcomed Special Guest Shah and invited him deliver a speech in which Shah spoke of the difficulties and struggles caused by corruption. forwill4 Shah said that during his trek he interacted with thousands of people, and hopes that this will spread the message of peace and hope. Through his journeys’ Shah said he had cycled through over 150 countries. He also said that the love and harmony he felt from those he met became motivation towards completing his mission. As a strong anti corruption, peace and democracy activist, Shah said that was honored to visit the Consulate office and to talk with the sessions’ participants. Following Shah’s remarks the session then saw a presentation and speech by Bharat Mani Jangam, in which he spoke about anti corruption. Jangam gave examples of government and civic corruption, and contented that Nepal’s only chance of development is by ridding the country of corruptions shackles.

Consul General Chandra Yonzon concluded formal proceedings by reiterating the damages caused by corruption in Nepal, and suggested that Australia’s effort in this respect offer a good example. The Consul also spoke of his time in Nepal and discussed corruption especially at the government level. He said that people need to stop thinking about themselves and instead about the collective nation. If people think about the good of the country, he noted, then corruption will have no place in Nepal. He was pleased to welcome to the Consulate office such esteemed guests and thanked everybody for their attendance and participation in the session. The session concluded with group photographs.