Our Mission

The Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria, Melbourne is dedicated to providing efficient, transparent and accessible consular services to the Nepalese and wider community in Victoria, Australia. In addition to our consular services, we are also committed to promoting three core initiatives:

Trade and Investment

We are committed to promoting economic relations between Nepal and Australia on a local, national and bilateral level between the two friendly nations. Locally, as Victoria’s Nepalese community continues to grows, we will continue to support various Nepalese businesses, events and community organisations in Victoria.

Language and Culture

Nepal is home to more than 30 million people, with over 120 ethnic groups and languages spoken in the Himalayan nation. In Nepal, the Hindu and Buddhist faiths are intersected to make a syncretic blend of beliefs which makes for a diverse array of annual festivals and celebrations.

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting Nepalese language and culture among the Nepalese diaspora in Victoria and their future generations. We facilitate this initiative by actively participating in Nepalese cultural and religious events in Victoria as well as providing language translation services at our office.


We are a central service provider and promotional hub for those wishing to travel to Nepal. Nepal continues to grow as an increasingly popular destination for Australian tourists. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, tourism has increased from 25,507 Australian tourists in 2016 to 33,528 Australian tourists in 2018.Through maintaining and uplifting these foundational structures, we hope that the bilateral relationship between Nepal and Australia will continue to prosper.

We welcome any suggestions towards making these services more effective and qualitative.