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Introduction meeting’ of Melbourne based Nepali Post-graduate students

Consulatenews1  April 2013, an “introduction meeting” of Melbourne based Nepali Post-graduate students with the        Honorary Consular General of Victoria was held at the Nepalese consular General’s office. The meeting was initiated by Melbourne University Nepalese Students’ Society. Post-graduate students from The University of Melbourne, RMIT University and La- trobe University attended the meeting. Meeting began with students appraising the Consular General with their respective field of study and areas of interests ( PDF download )

Hon. Chris Bowens Speech at NRN 7th Regional Conference ( PDF download )

Address to the non-resident Nepali Association Regional Conference

August 30th, 2012.” It’s my very great pleasure to welcome all of you, from all around the world, to Sydney. It’s my home town and the home town of many proud Nepali-Australians.

It is appropriate that this conference is held in Sydney. I know that you meet in different parts of the world every two years – but you saved the best for 2012. “ >>.. read more