Hon. Consul General Attends NRNAA Victoria Community Consultation Forum

Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Mr Chandra Yonzon, participated in NRNAA Victoria’s Community Consultation Forum at the Nepal Consulate Office on Monday, 27 August 2017. Mr Yonzon made part of the forum panel, and along with four other reputed senior members of Victoria’s Nepalese community. Mr Yonzon took notes and addressed attendees with concrete feedback as to how NRNAA Victoria can work more closely with the community and more effectively in the future.


Topics of discussion at the forum included the running of the social welfare/student fund, international students, Nepalese language, culture and festivals, NRNA membership and election processes, and how NRNA can work more closely with Victoria’s Nepalese community, Nepalese sports and other organisations.


Mr Yonzon thanked all those who attended and participated at the community forum, and wished NRNAA Victoria all the very best in their continued work with Victoria’s Nepalese community.