Consul General Attends Interactive Session in Coburg

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Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon, had the pleasure of attending an interactive session starring poet, Prof. Tulsi Diwash, at Coburg Cafe & Restaurant last night on Sunday, 17 September 2017. Organised by B.P. Chintan Partishthan Australia in collaboration with Sahityik Jamghat, the occasion marked the 103rd birthday of writer and politician B.P. Koirala.


Consul General Yonzon and his wife, Laxmi Yonzon, along with all attendees were fortunate enough to hear a recital by Prof. Diwash, enthralled by each philosophical line. Prof. Diwash joined two other prominent literacy figures on the panel, Shirdher Poudel and Mohan Sitwla, who together paid tribute to B.P. Koirala’s literacy journey.

Addressing attendees, Consul General Yonzon said that the poets are wealthy in their art and in their heightened sensitivities. They are wealthy, and they are fortunate to have such insightful perspectives. Consul General Yonzon applauded their talent and said that Diwash’s poem took him back to his childhood in Nepal. With the recital having received high admiration and praise from all attendees, Consul General Yonzon thanked organisers for the wonderful session, and wished organisers all the best.