Driver’s Licence Recognition Evening

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The Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria, in association with VicRoads, hosted a Nepalese Driver’s Licence Recognition Evening for community members on Monday, 19 November 2018 at the Nepal Consulate Office.

The aim of the program was to provide Nepalese community members in Victoria with a better understanding of how to receive recognition for their Nepalese driver’s licences in Victoria. Further road safety and general safety matters were also presented by members of Victoria Police.

Edward Wright, the consulate intern, was the host and MC for the evening. Edward highlighted the program and informed the attendees of the role of each of the speakers in their respective positions. The evening’s program was put together by Edward, who facilitated a question and answer session towards the end of the evening.

Edward Wright

Representatives from VicRoads, the Victorian road management authority, Steven Socha and Rhiannon Rogers highlighted how recent events had led VicRoads to create more rigorous testing of ID for foreign nationals. She also discussed how VicRoads was committed to customer service as well as community engagement. Steven, who is from the overseas licence review team, highlighted the four-step process to reviewing Nepalese driver’s licence. He also discussed what was necessary to receive recognition from VicRoads to drive on Victorian roads.



Parsu Sharma-Luital, from Victoria Police, attended the event and spoke about how he and his team engage emerging communities in Melbourne and Victoria as well as the importance of respecting local authorities. Andrew and Dinesh, uniformed police officers, then spoke about the importance of road safety and what to do in the case of emergencies. The presentation was very informative and covered a range of topics.



Hon. Consul General Chandra Yonzon concluded the program, on what the consulate could offer Nepalese community members in terms of assistance with achieving recognition for Nepalese driver’s licences in Victoria. The Consul General also called for patience from the community to allow both VicRoads and the consulate to deal with the vast numbers of requests for assistance. He also reaffirmed the consulates commitment to assisting the Nepalese community.


After the formal program, an informal question and answer/interaction program was held. Edward facilitated the question and answer session which received numerous questions. The audience asked multiple questions such as about their expiry dates and if they can drive with an expired licence.

One community member asked if the consulate could help with the conversion of dates from the Nepalese calendar to the Australian calendar. Niru highlighted the consulate office could assist with this translation service if community members requested the service. Finally, a question was asked about headphones being used while riding a motorbike. Dinesh, from Victoria Police suggested that it was not a good idea to have them on in case of an accident and for the purpose of safety.

Overall, the interaction program was deemed a success by many and was attended by over seventy people. Light refreshments were served at the conclusion of the event. The speakers were thanked and presented with hats from Nepal. The entire consulate team, including Hon. Consul General Chandra Yonzon would like to thank those who presented as well as everyone in attendance for coming out and engaging with the community. Further details of the event and Nepalese driver’s licence recognition in Victoria will be placed on the consulate website soon.