Consular Services

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The Nepalese Consulate office in Melbourne currently provide following services:

  • Issue Tourist Visas
  • Translation services
  • Application forms

Service Fee Schedule:

Service Type Service Fees
Tourist Visa to Nepal:
15 Days  Multiple Entry
  AU $65.00
  For on the spot or urgent Visa processing add $15.00
Tourist Visa to Nepal:
30 Days  Multiple Entry
  AU $85.00
  For on the spot or urgent Visa processing add $15.00
Tourist Visa to Nepal:
90 Days  Multiple Entry
  AU $175.00
  For on the spot or urgent Visa processing add $15.00
Translation services   AU $60 (per A4 page)

Fees are payable by cash or by bank cheque/money order. If paying by bank cheque/money order please make cheque payable to Nepalese Consulate in Victoria. Credit cards are also accepted.


Nepalese Driver’s Licence Conversion (Victoria)

Below is information on how to convert your motorbike or driver’s licence from Nepal to Victoria. In November 2018, a community engagement session was held that provided community members with information on how to receive verification for your motorbike or driver’s licence. The following process is required for all Nepalese nationals who plan to remain in Australia on long term visas. Please also look at the VicRoads website for further information:

Four-step process to converting your licence

  • Overseas licence verification
    o    Book an appointment over the phone or in person at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre
  • Road law knowledge test
  • Hazard perception test
  • Drive test

Overseas licence verification

The overseas licence verification process can sometimes be difficult if your motorbike or driver’s licence is not immediately verified at your scheduled appointment with VicRoads. If the overseas licence review team requires further documentation to verify the authenticity of your licence, you will need to get in contact with the Nepalese Department of Transport Management and receive a letter of authenticity.

The Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria can assist with getting in touch with the department and translating a letter of authenticity. However, they are unable to independently verify the authenticity of your driver’s licence without the letter of authenticity. The consulate advises that you get in contact with any family you may have in Nepal to assist with the verification process with the Nepal transport authority.

This process may take a while so it is advised that you plan ahead. We suggest bringing in your ID, passport and any other documents to the consulate (or email them to to ensure the process can run smoothly and efficiently. The consulate team is here to help at any stage in the process and will do so to the best of their ability.