Consul General chairs second business consultation

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Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon, chaired a second business consultation at Nepal Consulate Office boardroom on Tuesday, 21 November 2017. The consultation is the second in a series chaired by Consul General Yonzon seeking to establish a Nepal-Australia Chamber of Commerce in the state’s capital. Tuesday’s consultation saw discussions surrounding objectives, membership structure, legislative requirements, the creation of a tentative framework and the Nepal-Australia trade and investment team and Board of Directors.


The team, composed of Nepalese business operators and esteemed community members, hopes that the Chamber will play a key role in Nepal’s socioeconomic transformation and nation-building program. The team behind the development hopes that the Chamber will be mutually beneficial for Nepal and Australia with the involvement of Australian business-people.


Business consultation session 2 photos

The consultation is the second in a succession of consultations which aim to see the establishment of a Nepal-Australia Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne with the involvement of Embassy of Nepal, Canberra. The first business consultation in September saw more than 40 Nepalese business operators and entrepreneurs in attendance, with the consultations first discussed in Canberra when Nepalese Consuls-Generals converged on Canberra in September. The Nepal Consulate Office looks forward to a third consultation in the near future.