Consul General attends Tamu Lhochhar 2017

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Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon, and his wife, Laxmi Yonzon, attended Tamu Lhochhar at Estonian House on Saturday, 30 December 2017. The program, with over 300 in attendance, was organised by Tamu Samaj Victoria (TSV) and commenced with the worship of Lord Buddha. The event saw many interesting and enjoyable cultural performances by local artists and children.


In his address, Consul General Yonzon said that he is delighted to attend the event every year with his wife, Laxmi. Consul General Yonzon thanked the program’s organisers, other community leaders and officials for their hard work, dedication and creativeness of events such as Tamu Lhochhar 2017.


Consul General Yonzon drew parallels between religion and a two way street, emphasising that the key element of all of religions and faith is mutual respect. Consul General Yonzon solicited support from all sectors of the community to implement peace, harmony and unity effectively within the diverse Nepalese community. He also expressed his thanks to the organisers, event supporters, community members, seniors, participants, local artists, sponsors and media personnel for their continued support. He further wished attendees a Happy Lhochhar and upcoming New Year.


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