Congratulatory Message to all NRNA Australia Election Participants

Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon, along with the entire Nepal consulate office team in Melbourne, would like to thank each upstanding community member who so wholeheartedly participated in this year’s Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) Victoria election, with the Victorian election being held at Cyprus Community Hall on Saturday, 6 July 2019.

We express congratulations and thanks to Commissioner and members of the NRNA Australia Election Commission in Victoria, who worked tirelessly in ensuring that the election was run fairly.

To the winners of this year’s election, we especially congratulate you. We congratulate Mr Keshav Kandel for becoming NRNA Australia President representing Victoria and all other candidates who won major titles in NRNA ICC, NCC and SCC. Mr Narayan Kaflé, we congratulate for your victory over the NRNA ICC member from Victoria, Mr Prem Prasad Kandel for Victoria Coordinator’s Position, Mr Mani Ratan Sapkota for Deputy Coordinator SCC, Mr Narayan Katuwal State Secretary SCC, Mr Naresh Rawal, Joint Secretary SCC, Mr Hari Pandit, Treasurer SCC, NCC Members, Mr Hari (Harry) Khadka, Mr Shishir Bastakoti and Mr Hem Dulal, SCC Members, Ms Madhuri Maskey Sharma, Mr Ganesh Bhandari, Mr Bishwa Goudel, Mr Prem Lal Sapkota, Mr Tilak Sapkota, Mr Ganesh Kandel, Ms Rashmi Regmi, Mr Mahendra Shali Ghimire, SNN Women Coordinator SCC Ms Kajan Kiran Singh Bhandari Kajal Kiran, SNN Women Deputy Coordinator Ms Radhika Bogati, SNN Members, Ms Anushka Kafle, Ms Merina Gurung, Ms Nisha Gurung, Ms Radha Aryal Kharel, Ms Chandra Kala Kadel Bhusal, SYF Youth Coordinator Mr Bobin Mishra, SYF Youth Deputy Coordinator SCC, Mr Asim Suvedi, SYF Members (Declared Position) Ms Sabina Kumari Silwal Kadel, Mr Sandeep Sapkota, Mr Manish Lamichhane, Mr Ananda K.C and Megh Gurung.

Each candidate in this election brought with them their own manifesto and contributions on offer, and we look forward to seeing the implementation of these great initiatives and promises. We have great expectations from each of you, and thank you for your hard work. We know that you will continue to strive forward with honour, prestige and title, backed by the encouragement and assistance of our esteemed community.

To those who did not win in this election, you demonstrate already that official title is not a prerequisite for positively impacting lives at home and further abroad. You are heroes who serve our communities with positivity and willpower, and we thank you for your continued efforts in bringing the community together and making it a better place for us all. May you all continue to positively serve the community which we all proudly make a part.