Chandra Yonzon Welcomes Prabhakar

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Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist-Centre) standing committee member and former Energy Minister, Janardan Sharma (alias Prabhakar), his wife, Laxmi Sharma (Poudel), and NPPF Adviser, Sheshmani Sharma, were welcomed on their arrival to Melbourne on Saturday, 22 September 2018.

Chandra Yonzon Consulate

NPPF and ONF Victoria organised an interaction Session with Sharma and the Nepalese community, which saw significant attendance despite short notice. During the program, Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon,  greeted guests with khadas before addressing attendees. He spoke of those who live overseas, away from their homelands, who seek none other than peace with developed nations and their visionary leaders. Consul General Yonzon also spoke of the resolution of load shedding which made headway during Sharma’s tenure as Energy Minister.

In his address, Sharma asked those who were there to be optimistic and motivate themselves to see the bright future of their country and keep supporting the government for their vision and developments steps.