Chandra Yonzon Attends Book Launch

Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, Chandra Yonzon was honoured to attend the book release of ‘Khoji Thulung Dhumkhumi Rai’s Ancient’ Lyrical poems by the author, Jay Bahadur Shrestha, on Sunday 28 October 2018. The biography tells the story of the life of Harka Rai, his forefathers, childhood memories and time served in the Gurkhas army.

Addressing dignitaries and attendees at the release, Consul General Yonzon congratulated duo Mr Rai and Mr Shrestha and encouraged all to read the biography to learn more about the fascinating life of community member, Mr Rai. The event, held in Coburg, celebrated the experiences of Nepalese nationals and their shared memory. Consul General Yonzon and the Nepal consulate staff wish Jay Bahadur Shrestha all the best with his future endeavors.