Chandra Yonzon Attends BMW Cup 2018 Final

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Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria was pleased to present the Cricket BMW Cup 2018 on Sunday, 28th October 2018. The grand final match between Sagarmatha Cricket Club and the Royal Rhinos Cricket Club was held at Debney’s Park in Flemington where Sagarmatha CC was declared the victor.

“Studying, working and living abroad away from home and loved ones can take their toll on one’s health and wellbeing. To combat this, I encourage all youth to engage in sports to not only stay energetic and active but to also meet friends and be involved in the community. For sure, playing sports is a generally a fantastic way to improve your fitness and health.” Consul General Yonzon said at the event. He wished the players all the best and thanked them for their contributions to community-based sport. 

The BMW Cup is an eight week-long annual event held between several Nepalese community-based cricket teams. The tournament is managed by the Victorian Nepalese Cricket Association (VNCA) and Sagarmatha CC received $2000 as a reward for winning the event. Many players in the league play for amateur and professional sides. The tournament is considered to be a uniting force in the Nepalese community as the sport is hugely popular in both Nepal and Australia.